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David A. Straz Jr. Gets Awarded the Key to the City

12 Aug

This week, Mayor Broh awarded Honorary Consul Ambassador At-Large to Central America David A. Straz Jr. (whew that’s a mouthful) the Key to the City of Monrovia for his excellent performance demonstrated towards the construction of a technical school in Senje Grand Cape Mount County and his humanitarian assistance to needy Liberians. The ceremony brought he and sixteen YoungLife students based in the US state of Florida to City Hall. YoungLife Liberia is headed up by former LU student leader James Davis.  In related reports, Straz wishes to be very instrumental in the rehabilitation of the College of West Africa through a passionate appeal from his friend, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.


Road Work Ahead!

29 Jul

The MCC workers were painting the streets this past weekend. Monrovia keeps getting face lifts, and hopefully people will soon understand to use the new paint as their road guides!

MCC TV Presents Moments with Mayor Mary Broh

14 Jul

Finally! Thanks for your patience! I try to put a new episode up every two weeks like clock work but Liberia isn’t exactly known for fast internet speed (one of the many things I took for granted in the States). Here goes your interview with the Mayor!

Many of you may still have questions. If you don’t mind posting them here, I will work hard to get them answered for you as best as I can. Once I compiled the information you submitted, I wasn’t sure what was what anymore. I’m still growing and learning, but I still hope to serve you.

Talk Around Town: What I’m Learning

8 Jul

 Me and my colleague “Pah-pay” in our matching lime green shirts on July 4th. 

I’ve been a member of the team at Monrovia City Corporation unofficially since March 1, 2011, and officially since the end of April. It’s a job, but a job I’m sure brings some honor to my family and would make my grandfathers very proud if they were still alive. Both of them were businessmen in this city years and years ago, and I came to Liberia this year especially to try and shine the gem of Monrovia my grandfather James Bush, Sr. left in November 2010.

Today, my colleague Francis Kofa gave a Powerpoint Presentation to the office. The Mayor was there, along with his supervisor and many colleagues of ours. This powerpoint was exciting to both of us, because I taught him how to use Microsoft Publisher a few weeks ago. We took pictures from the internet, designed professional slides, added sound effects, etc., all in the spare time we had while the Mayor was in the States. Today was his big show time. I wasn’t in the workshop but he said it went well,”everyone cheered at the end.”

“It was nice for me, because it was the first one I made without you, you know, on my own. Then Mike asked me, ‘hey, show me the things that Archel taught you on Powerpoint.’ So I showed him how to put the pictures in and stuff.”

To say ‘thank you,’ he always wants to buy me a soft drink. Out here, I only drink water but I appreciate his gesture.

If nothing else comes from my being here, I’ve already been rewarded enough.

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A Liberian 4th of July

5 Jul

  For the friends of the US living in Liberia, there was a 4th of July celebration at City Hall Monday night. Rozi catered good ole American food from around the different regions of the States, and we toasted to remarks from Ambassador Linda Thomas- Greenfield and President Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf. Guests were also able to take a sneak peak at the nearly completed Mary T. Broh Event Patio. Take a peek at our occasion.

Mayor Enjoys the ODUNDE Festival

22 Jun

Enjoy the “Mayor Cam” from the trip to the States above. Press Release below.

A series of activities intended to create more public awareness that Liberia is ready for business as a respectable member of the comity of nations have been taking place for nearly two weeks in various parts of the United States.

According to a dispatch from the Embassy of Liberia in Washington, D.C., the activities are aimed at promoting investment, trade, education, and partnership, while showcasing Liberia as a country endowed with abundant natural resources and a tourist attraction.
The series of activities began with five days of events, which were held from June 8-12 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The events were held under the auspices of the 36th annual ODUNDE Festival and the Philadelphia Mayor’s Commission on African and Caribbean Immigrant Affairs, among others.
ODUNDE, which is reputed to be the largest African and African-American cultural festival on the East Coast of the United States attracting over 300,000 people annually, seeks to promote trade, investment and tourism between the city of Philadelphia on the one hand, and African and Caribbean countries on the other.

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Don’t Miss Your Chance to Ask the Mayor!

20 Jun

MCC TV is very excited to bring you an in depth interview with Monrovia’s Honorable Mayor Mary T. Broh. This will be the very special, fourth episode of MCC TV, and we need your help to make it the most telling interview the Mayor has ever given. From now until July 5th, submit the questions you would like to ask the Mayor right here in our comments box. Some of the questions you submit will be asked in the interview, so please be honest with what you want to know about her plans for the city, keeping Monrovia clean, and the future of our hometown.

Until then, tune into MCC TV for your Updates From Monrovia City Corporation. The taping of the Mayor’s interview will be private and set to air the week of July 11th.