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David A. Straz Jr. Gets Awarded the Key to the City

12 Aug

This week, Mayor Broh awarded Honorary Consul Ambassador At-Large to Central America David A. Straz Jr. (whew that’s a mouthful) the Key to the City of Monrovia for his excellent performance demonstrated towards the construction of a technical school in Senje Grand Cape Mount County and his humanitarian assistance to needy Liberians. The ceremony brought he and sixteen YoungLife students based in the US state of Florida to City Hall. YoungLife Liberia is headed up by former LU student leader James Davis.  In related reports, Straz wishes to be very instrumental in the rehabilitation of the College of West Africa through a passionate appeal from his friend, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.


A Liberian 4th of July

5 Jul

  For the friends of the US living in Liberia, there was a 4th of July celebration at City Hall Monday night. Rozi catered good ole American food from around the different regions of the States, and we toasted to remarks from Ambassador Linda Thomas- Greenfield and President Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf. Guests were also able to take a sneak peak at the nearly completed Mary T. Broh Event Patio. Take a peek at our occasion.

Mayor Enjoys the ODUNDE Festival

22 Jun

Enjoy the “Mayor Cam” from the trip to the States above. Press Release below.

A series of activities intended to create more public awareness that Liberia is ready for business as a respectable member of the comity of nations have been taking place for nearly two weeks in various parts of the United States.

According to a dispatch from the Embassy of Liberia in Washington, D.C., the activities are aimed at promoting investment, trade, education, and partnership, while showcasing Liberia as a country endowed with abundant natural resources and a tourist attraction.
The series of activities began with five days of events, which were held from June 8-12 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The events were held under the auspices of the 36th annual ODUNDE Festival and the Philadelphia Mayor’s Commission on African and Caribbean Immigrant Affairs, among others.
ODUNDE, which is reputed to be the largest African and African-American cultural festival on the East Coast of the United States attracting over 300,000 people annually, seeks to promote trade, investment and tourism between the city of Philadelphia on the one hand, and African and Caribbean countries on the other.

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Pictures from International Women’s Day in Liberia

11 Mar

Here are some of our favorite pictures from this year’s International Women’s Day in Liberia. Special women involved were our President Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf and the Executive Director of UN Women and former President of Chile, Michele Bachelet.

View the entire gallery with great captions here.

All Set For International Women’s Day Today

8 Mar

by Melissa Chea-Anann for The Inquirer

Liberian women will today join women around the world to celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium, under the theme “Equal Access to education, Training, Science, and Technology: Pathway to Decent Work For Women.”    International Women’s Day was set aside by the United Nations to highlight the plight of women and to create awareness for the promotion of programs and activities for the welfare and well-being of women world wide. Already, the Executive Director of the U.N. Women, Michelle Bachelet is in the country to join the President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to celebrate activities marking the official celebration. Madam Bachelet, who is also the former President of the Republic of Chile, will deliver the keynote address at today’s occasion.

Today’s celebration will commence with a parade from the Centennial Memorial Pavilion, where women’s groups from several parts of the country will join the UN Executive Director and President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, as well as the head of the United Nations Mission in Liberia, Ellen Margarethe Loj and other officials from several parts of the country to drill through the principal streets of Monrovia before climaxing the celebration at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia.

The Liberian leader on Monday conferred the Distinction of Grand Band in the Order of the Star of Africa on Madam Bachelet at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Prior to the honoring ceremony, Madam Bachelet reiterated that the four priorities of the U.N. Women include enhancing the voice of women in political leadership. She observed that the participation of women in parliament worldwide is as low as 19% and the new entity will exert every effort to ensure women get involved in politics. Madam Bachelet said the UN women will be more forceful to ensure that the voices of women are heard throughout the world.

The UN Executive Director further stated that it is about time that women around the world get employed in various fields to put them on par with their male counterparts. She said the UN Women will advocate for peace and security for women around the world and also fight to eliminate violence against women. The former President of Chile praised the Liberian leader for the recovery of Liberia that has gone through several years of crisis. She expressed satisfaction for the level of security under the U.P-led Government and stated that the President Johnson-Sirleaf’s leadership has made lots of progress amongst women in Africa and has given them hope to ascend to higher levels.

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf said as women celebrate the International Day, her biggest challenge for women in Liberia is to create amicable avenue for the education of women, which she believes is the main tool of empowerment in any society. The Liberian leader said her administration will continue to work with the UN Women through the Ministry of Gender to advocate for the rights and empowerment of women in every sector of the society.

UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon stated recently that the creation of UN Women consolidates U.N. strengths, which will significantly boost U.N. efforts to promote gender equality, expand opportunity and tackle discrimination around the globe. The U.N. Women that was officially launched on February 24, 2011 in New York has a focus on advancing gender equality, expanding opportunity and tackling discrimination among women around the world.