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Talk Around Town: What I’m Learning

8 Jul

 Me and my colleague “Pah-pay” in our matching lime green shirts on July 4th. 

I’ve been a member of the team at Monrovia City Corporation unofficially since March 1, 2011, and officially since the end of April. It’s a job, but a job I’m sure brings some honor to my family and would make my grandfathers very proud if they were still alive. Both of them were businessmen in this city years and years ago, and I came to Liberia this year especially to try and shine the gem of Monrovia my grandfather James Bush, Sr. left in November 2010.

Today, my colleague Francis Kofa gave a Powerpoint Presentation to the office. The Mayor was there, along with his supervisor and many colleagues of ours. This powerpoint was exciting to both of us, because I taught him how to use Microsoft Publisher a few weeks ago. We took pictures from the internet, designed professional slides, added sound effects, etc., all in the spare time we had while the Mayor was in the States. Today was his big show time. I wasn’t in the workshop but he said it went well,”everyone cheered at the end.”

“It was nice for me, because it was the first one I made without you, you know, on my own. Then Mike asked me, ‘hey, show me the things that Archel taught you on Powerpoint.’ So I showed him how to put the pictures in and stuff.”

To say ‘thank you,’ he always wants to buy me a soft drink. Out here, I only drink water but I appreciate his gesture.

If nothing else comes from my being here, I’ve already been rewarded enough.

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MCC TV Episode 2

14 Jun

Episode 2 of our Newscast is now here for your viewing pleasure.

If you have any questions about the content please leave them below! We can only grow with your help.

Please note that MCC TV has its own link at the top of the blog now!

MCC Presents: Updates From City Hall

27 May

Watch MCC’s very first newscast! Stay tuned for more, and leave us a comment on what you think!