The Trashy Bags Training Conference

9 Sep

Members of our team recently went to Ghana to learn how to turn trash into trashy bags! I love trashy bags because they are an adorable way to reuse the bags of water that we discard in the rivers and swamps. As you can see from the pictures, they turn “Trash into Cash” by sterilizing the bags, then sewing them together to make recycled tote bags. The tote bags are then stitched into a piece of lappa with a zipper around the edges for neat travel, making them perfect for carrying to the grocery store.

Visit the official website for Trashy Bags here, but check out the pictures from the trip in our gallery. I LOVE Trashy Bags!!


6 Responses to “The Trashy Bags Training Conference”

  1. Audrey Watkins Solomon September 9, 2011 at 7:03 pm #

    WOW, this is beautiful. I am speechless. All I can say is God is good. Thank you all so much. I want to be a part of this, how do I get involved? Please let me hear from you, who ever is in charge of this.

  2. Archel Bernard (MCC) September 12, 2011 at 10:08 am #

    Well, since some of my colleagues have learned to make the Trashy Bags, I think they may start to make them here in Monrovia. This way you don’t have to be in Ghana just to buy them. They haven’t started yet, so we’ll see!

  3. Johan Wessels in the Netherlands September 12, 2011 at 11:26 am #

    Hi, I like to have contact with someone who can tell me if there is an recycling industry in Liberia. I talked to people in the erea of Monrovia to start a street cleaning service and recycle the plastic. I have already contact with a man in Ghana and maybe he can help. This is my foundation please bring this email to the right person. Johan

    • Archel Bernard (MCC) September 12, 2011 at 4:59 pm #

      If you’re looking to recycle yourself, by all means I’m sure the Mayor can make a contract for that! If you want to do that kind of business here, you’d be best off coming to investigate it for yourself.

    • Gabriel Ekabua September 16, 2011 at 8:56 pm #

      Hi Johan, Please contact me on to explore your interest in starting a street cleaning service and plastic recycling in Monrovia.

  4. John Dennis September 24, 2011 at 1:29 pm #

    The idea of creating the trashy bag is not all bad,but the quantity of plastic bag is enormous.l would simply call for the recycling that is being done in industrial countries and see to it that these bags are sent back to their original countries and redone there. Other than that,we will have an overwhelming destruction of our ecosystem by these creations that can not rot and be dissolved into the environ.To show You a good example,what becomes of the trashy bags when they become old and changes occur in trends and fashions?

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