Meet the Dukor Family

11 Mar

Monrovia City Hall just welcomed our newest bunch to the MCC family, and they’re not what you would expect to roam our extremely sterile halls. The Dukor Family is our very environmentally friendly family of Pygmy Hippos!

Come take a tour of Monrovia City Hall and meet the family that will encourage your family to think about keeping Monrovia clean and green.


One Response to “Meet the Dukor Family”

  1. Samuel King December 18, 2011 at 8:15 pm #

    Thanks to the Monrovia city council and thanks to her excellency the mayor. greetings to all fellow Liberian, I have a dream that every one have long been waiting for and hoping for. Because I am talented, creative and organize in various developmental ways it is about time to show myself once again especially for the amount of experiences and qualifications I have gain over two decays abroad.I can not let it be waisted with out putting it into proper use in my country Liberia. I have a developmental ideas in the way that I can turn bad places into beautiful places, change the landscape of a place and regenerate it into a prosperous destination or community.
    I have the ideas to change the look of a community into a modern society good for everyone. Because I love development, every places around me must be develop. The reasons for that is development change the way people think and do things differently. It inspires people and motovate them for a change. It create social cohesion, community development and security. The way I see it Liberia needs growth and development to boost economic, social and political prosperity.
    These plans need to be implimented and the only way to do that is to design a plan that will suit the needs of the people.

    This plan will reduce crime, povity, create jobs for everyone, change the way people live in a more modern way, create better homes for every one who can not afford, provide shelters for the elderly with up to date facilities, provide home for the disable and bring all community to equal standard and better living.

    Madam Mayor as the head of a city council, there are so much you are responsible for:
    1. Re-designing the city infrastructures
    2. Creating the city centre where people can meet, shopping and attend other businesses and social events.
    3. Create parks for intertainment and relaxation
    4. Create parking space for cars
    5. Create community centres for people in every community
    6. Reorganize the marketing system to keep the city clean and create space for peopel to move around and to view the beauty of the city.

    Madam Mayor, Thank you for your time, I will once again let to say this. Let work together as one to build our countryto a high standard and lift the living standard of our people this is the time.
    I will be coming to Liberia for the first time in 23 years to share my vision and to see you inparticular and my dear country Liberia. Please allow me to see you in person I want to come back home in February 2012.

    My best regards

    Samuel King

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